What We Do

The Basics

WWD engages in the acquisition, aggregation, conversion, formatting, storage, and delivery of digital content. Our combined efforts permit content to be used across multiple applications and platforms, pursuant to a client’s needs. In a nutshell, we make your data work for you and not the other way around.


  • Production of structured content: WWD converts unstructured content to structured content and enriches it. Formats we work with include XML, SGML, HTML, and other standard tagged languages. Structured content enables clients to spend less time figuring out what’s important and more time making the wealth of information they have work for their business goals.
  • Large-scale data acquisition and aggregation: WWD acquires large amounts of data from various sources, including both hard-copy and digital (paper, books, electronic files, the Internet), and collects it into a centralized repository for the client. Instead of having to search endlessly for what they need, our clients can easily and immediately locate their required data.
  • Digital conversion and preservation: WWD offers image scanning services (paper, microform, books, oversized drawings), optical character recognition (OCR) and cleanup, coding, and indexing. Not only does this make the client’s content more accessible, it makes the task of preservation simpler.

Key Ingredients to Our Success

  • Use of dedicated workflow management systems: Automated processes help manage all aspects of what we do, including acquisition of content, routing files to specific workflow systems and software processes that enrich content, and delivering the data back to the client. This helps keep our costs lower than the competition.
  • Developing and relying on automation: WWD could not achieve its results without the development and strategic use of automated processes. Some applications and tasks that we perform using automated processes are:
    1. Data extraction from various source materials
    2. In-context spelling and hyphenation correction
    3. Automated capture, storage, tagging, and indexing of web-based data and documents
    4. Automated database population services (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and others)
    5. Updating of client workflow status portals
    6. Client-controlled task prioritization
  • Quality control: Our highly competent and experienced staff selects and institutes rigorous quality control measures that ensure the end product contains accurate and valuable content.
  • Timely delivery: We deliver content quickly (usually within 24 hours) and provide turnaround times that are less than that upon request.
  • Adaptability: We adjust to meet client needs by delivering personalized and intelligent solutions. With the recognition that no two customers are alike, we ensure that your requirements are addressed properly without pigeon-holing you to an existing solution, which may not be the best fit.

Investing in the Future

At WWD, we maintain our competitive advantage in the content and data marketplace by continually investing in the future. We invest to sustain ongoing research and development, to ensure that our systems and programming staff are exceptionally talented, and to utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software. We author our own software and provide and train operations staff for specific requests. We possess the expertise to ensure that all products and services exceed your predetermined guidelines and overall expectations. Trust us to give you the highest level of quality and service anywhere in the world of content.