The Impact of Automation at WWD

November 17, 2015 8:26 pm Published by

While most people agree that automating the workplace leads to more efficient processes that save time and money for the company and customer, there is also a fear that workplace automation will threaten jobs as well. However, recent research performed by McKinsey & Company shows that jobs are not being eliminated by automation, but rather they are being redefined.

WWD has invested heavily in software automation in order to improve the speed and accuracy of our offerings. We are proud to say that while we have migrated many tasks from being manual to automated, we have never replaced an employee with an automated process. In fact, we believe that automation has actually increased our workforce.

Automation has allowed us to become bigger: to create more structured content, to acquire more data, and to broaden our offerings. However, certain tasks such as quality assurance, sales, computer programming, and customer interaction are human tasks. Our growth as a company has demanded that we hire more people to fill these roles, despite a larger percentage of our workplace becoming automated. We don’t see this changing any time soon.