Acquisition and Investment Opportunities

The digital economy is driven by data. Organizations that are able to capture and leverage data for strategic purposes are in the best position to profit. Capturing data means knowing where to find it and harness its power. Every kind of data is a potential goldmine if the information is processed correctly and manipulated within the right application(s). The power of strategic data has convinced us that all around us are information-rich companies that can be taken to the next level with the right capital behind them. This is especially true in any technology-related business seeking to capture market share in a saturated digital economy.

Why Companies Need More Investment Capital from the Outside

Businesses can run out of cash for many reasons. A common reason is that the company’s growth has outpaced the capacity and expertise of its founders and senior leadership. Another reason is that the company does not possess or have access to the financial resources needed to finance the next stage of growth. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. There’s always a company that can come in with fresh resources and take over. We call these acquisition and investment opportunities, and they constitute huge chances for our company to have a positive impact on the global economy.

What We Do

We are Worldwide Digital USA, (WWD). We are in the business of helping out business owners or principals of complementary businesses who are seriously interested in being acquired outright or getting more investment from the outside. We are interested in acquiring a company’s current technology. In addition, we may look to acquire a company’s infrastructure and current roster of clients. These are easily supplemented by strategic staff members within your company who are capable of assisting in the transfer of ownership and ensuring continuity of business operations.

What We Seek as a Global Data Leader

Worldwide Digital USA, Inc. is continually adding products and services to our portfolio in order to support the ever-growing need to process large amounts of structured and unstructured data. With each addition to our portfolio, we can better respond to market opportunities and accurately procure and process significant amounts of data. These data mines may presently reside in both publicly and privately held collections on the World Wide Web. They may exist within data repositories owned and maintained by customers. In some cases, we have found that data is only available in hard copy (i.e. published books and journals) or in microform (i.e. microfilm and microfiche).

What Are the Possibilities?

We have acquired or authored numerous applications to eliminate the need for manual search and retrieval of original sources of information. Once data is procured, we process it, cull it down to satisfy specific customer content requirements, ensure that it is tagged, coded, and indexed, and finally deliver it for storage in the customer’s data repository. This complex process ensures that the final data product is useful in all of a customer’s data-based applications.

Where We Look

We want to expand our data capabilities, and we are looking for acquisition of or investment in organizations familiar with content management and aggregation services and products essential to effectively competing in this market. If you need a buyer or an injection of cash, please contact WWD to arrange a one-on-one conversation regarding how we can collaborate and satisfy our respective goals.